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150000 lumen headlamp

PHLIPESAM brand is a comprehensive and global lighting enterprise founded by Manager F, which integrates R&D, production, and sales of home lighting and commercial lighting. PHLIPESAM business covers LED and traditional light sources, lamps, and other fields. By providing consumers with differentiated one-stop lighting solutions, it comprehensively improves the quality of space and lights up every detail of life.

The flexible and free design renders the unique taste of life; not all lighting brands can interpret all-encompassing and clear-cut layers. PHLIPESAM makes the brand fashionable and unique. In the pursuit of high-quality lighting, light does not interpret color, but color interprets light.

headlamp rechargeable

Why choose the PHLIPESAM headlamps?

Upgrade 50W power makes the headlamp rechargeable brighter than all, up to 150,000 lumens, the projector distance can reach 4921 ft (1500m) high beam.

– This hard hat headlamp provides 8 lighting modes, either mode gives you a bright enough visual representation (if you want to wear it on a hard hat, you need to prepare 2 hooks).

– The head lights for forehead normal use time is more than 15 hours. If you do not use it often, it can support 60 hours of standby.

– The headlights for head widen the headband, making it more comfortable to wear(widen 0.5cm).

IP68 waterproof & heat dissipation rapidly.

– Any headlamp will be a little hot, which is the heat dissipation process. Thicker aviation aluminum makes heat dissipation faster. The light bulb doesn’t get hot, the shark gets hot because of the cooling effect, don’t worry about it.

Note: The spotlight/flood light(Zoomable) needs to pull out/—-the head of the light to turn the high, low, and strobe modes.

rechargeable headlamp

headlamps for adults

head lights for forehead

Upgraded vertical LED chips and 50W lamp beads

Upgraded vertical LED chips and 50W lamp beads, which make PHLIPESAM rechargeable head lamp brighter, up to 150,000 lumens; and can show a uniform current diffusion phenomenon, which makes the long-range of the head lamps stronger, and the projector distance can reach 4921 ft.

Aviation aluminum – headlamp flashlight for emergency

The headlamp flashlight is specially designed to break the window first aid function, its head with special contour design and is made of aviation aluminum, the force can break high hardness glass, when you encounter danger, you can use the flashlight headlamp to protect your own safety.

90┬░angle adjustable

PHLIPESAM rechargeable head lights can adjust your use angle by 90┬░, very suitable for car repair, cleaning, tactical, flashlights for emergencies, work light, mechanic headlamp, reading headlamp, running headlamps, hunting headlamps, biking headlamps, hardhat headlamp.

head lamp rechargeable battery

head lamps outdoor led rechargeable

headband light

Type-C fast charger & Portable charging

We are equipped with a Type-C data cable, and the battery needs to be installed when charging. The charging time is about 5 hours, which is based on the fact that you are completely out of power(Depending on the current of the adapter);

When charging, the indicator light is blue; if the blue light does not flash and displays four bars, it is fully charged; if it is red, it needs to be charged as soon as possible.

Long battery life – 9000mAh battery capacity

Equipped with three 3X(9000mAh) rechargeable batteries. If you continue to keep the light on, the headlamp battery powered can last for 15 hours before running out of power; if you are in standby mode and only use it when you need it, it can last for about 50-60 hours.

Remember to fully charge before use!!

Widened headband – comfortable

We have seen feedback from other links that the headband is too narrow and uncomfortable to wear. We immediately improved this shortcoming and widened the width of the headband to ensure the comfort of this running headlamp. This headlamp is suitable for all ages: old people, young people, men, women, kids, children.

IP68 waterproof headlight

High strength IP68 waterproof & Drop resistant

Improve the density of the shell and USB output and input ports, with IP68 Waterproof, can resist any wet, dry, rain, snow, and high-temperature weather.

If you accidentally drop the headlamp, don’t worry, the bulb and lamp beads, and the shell will not be damaged in any way, high-quality led headlamp!

small headlamp

Don’t let this malicious experience influence your choice.

– According to the recent customer said on our light is too weight, we have given a solution, hoping that the later experiencer don’t share a bad experience for heavy reason:

Due to the increase in battery life, our battery has been increased to 3pcs, you can remove 1-2pcs batteries, and the lights can still be turned on, so that it will not feel bulky, thereby reducing the weight of running.

We will improve the product at now to inform manufacturers, we always put customer experience first.


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