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Espresso coffee machine
Espresso coffee machine

Espresso coffee machine

As long as you want, a cup of coffee is at your fingertips

  • VACATION: Hiking, climbing, climbing, putting coffee and faraway places into your backpack, sipping coffee and enjoying the scenery of faraway places.
  • WORKING: Drink a cup of coffee when you are tired of working, even if you are struggling alone, there is a warm coffee to accompany you.
  • DRIVING: In such a small space on a self-driving trip, you can also enjoy the comfort of a cup of coffee, instantly refreshing and accompanying you to drive safely.
  • AFTERNOON: In the afternoon sprinkled with sunshine, sit down, in a quiet corner of the city, a cup of coffee, with you to forget the whole world’s hustle and bustle

Espresso coffee machine

18Bar Pump Pressure

Through pressurization technology,it provides a stable pressure of 18Bar, extracts rich fat, rich aroma, and bright color coffee to create an exclusive cafe.

Espresso machine

Espresso machine

Espresso machine

Espresso machine


Check the power level: click the start button once

Heating extraction mode: Quickly click the start button twice (boil water for about 5 minutes)

Direct extraction mode: long press the start button for 2 seconds (extraction time 40s)


Hidden Type-C interface, waterproof splash, charging and cell phone as convenient; built-in 7500mAh high-capacity battery, ultra-long battery life, so you can enjoy coffee time anytime, anywhere.


Fully transparent water compartment with scale line, easy to add water and controllable, the amount of water can be seen at a glance.


The pop-up lid design of the water tank is convenient for one-handed operation. One key to open and close, more convenient to use

How to get a cup of coffee quickly?

Espresso machine

Espresso machine

Espresso machine

Espresso machine


Add coffee ground or capsules


Screw in brew kit


Fill the water tank with cold or hot water


Press the switch Start the coffee machine

coffee machine

coffee machine

Package List:

1 x Coffee Machine

1 x Charging Cable

1 x Powder Spoon

1 Set x Capsule Brewing Bowl (2Pcs)

1 Set x Coffee Powder Brewing Bowl (2Pcs)

1 x Manual


Item Type: Coffee Maker

Material: ABS

Weight: Approx. 932g / 32.9oz

Power: 27.5W

Pressure: 18Bar

Product Size: Approx. 7.2×7.2x22cm / 2.8×2.8×8.7in

Capsule Compatible: For Nespresso Capsule

Coffee Powder Bin Capacity: 8g

Water Tank Capacity: 60ml (Maximum)

Charging Power Source: 18650 Lithium Battery 7500mah (Included)

  • Heating Temperature Reaches: 92℃
  • Fully Charged, Heating Extraction Mode: 4-5 cups can be extracted directly
  • Fully Charged, Direct Extraction Mode: Can directly extract about 300 cups