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Greeshow Portable Electric Water Filter with Backwash Function


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Product Description

portable water filter
Greeshow water filter

1. We recommend fully charging it for 5 hours before the first use.

2. Save this filter in a dry and ventilated place,.

3. Life cycle: filter element (used) every 6 months, or after 1000L of filtered water, (unused) 1 to 1.5 years; the main device will last around 30,000L (approximately 5 years).

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1. Electric Portable Water Filter can remove 99.999% of chlorine and heavy metals.

2. 1,000L of continuous filter water!It can be used up to 180 minutes continuously.

3. Equipped with a light,it can help you get water easily at night.

4. Features a backwashing function,to easily deal with blockages.

electric water filter

Electric Water Filter

This water filter is good for backpacking, hunting, fishing, camping, and emergency preparedness.


For health reasons, we recommend replacing the filter element every 6 months or every 1,000L of filtered water.

According to the EPA and WHO standard, the TDS under 500ppm is acceptable.

electric water filter

Backwashing Function

You can clean the Pre-filter easily with the automatic backwashing function.

The package contains:

Electric Camping Water Filter (1), Water Inlet Hose (1), USB Charging Cable (1), Water Outlet Hose (1), Built-in Filter Components (1), Ultra Filter Pre-Filter (1), Outdoor Storage Bag (1).

How many gallons does it filter? And how long is the life of this water filter?

It can continuously filter about 265 gallons water. The main water filter device lifespan is 30,000L, and filter element lifespan is 1000L, so it means you need to change the filter element to keep the main water filter device to work until 30,000L.


How often does the filter element have to be replaced?

1. After purifying 1000 liters of water; 2. More than 6 months; 3.Also, the water used outside is dirty. It is recommended to rinse the filter element after each use to increase the life of the filter element.


Can I use this electric water filter when receiving a “boil-water” order? How long does it take to filter 1L of water?

Of course you can, with this electric water filter, you can get the enough clean water for your family or neighbors. And the max flow rate is 700ml (23 oz) per minute, so it can filter 1L of water in about 2 minutes.


How long will it take to fully charge and how long it will last?

Fully charge about 4-5 hours, can continuous use about 180 minutes.


How can I judge whether water can drink? How much is the value of TDS?

According to the EPA secondary drinking water regulations and WHO standard, the TDS level between 01-500ppm max is considered as the most suitable and acceptable. And TDS of 150-300 ppm was reported to still contain several healthy mineral ions.


Additional information

Weight 12.35 lbs
Product Type

Electric Water Filter


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