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Primus Tupike Portable Camping Stove


  • Brand – Primus
  • Fuel Type – Wood, Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Power Source – Gas Powered
  • Maximum Energy – Output 3000 Watts
  • Item Weight – 0.41 Pounds
  • DUAL BURNER STOVE: This classic 2-burner stove feeds the whole family with ease. Each burner lights up easily with the built in Piezo igniter, no lighter required. Fine tune the flames on each burner with separate control knobs.
  • INTEGRATED WINDSCREENS: The lid and side windscreens ensure steady heat for cooking, even in windy conditions. Hose and connector for propane cylinder included.
  • STAINLESS STEEL & OAK BODY: The sleek stainless steel body, die-cast aluminum sides, oak laths and brass details are designed for long-lasting durability, and age beautifully.
  • FOLD, LOCK & CARRY: Foldable legs provide valuable table space while cooking. Designed to be carried, the wood-trimmed handle locks the stove closed for convenient transportation.
  • SPECS: Weight: 9.5 lbs | output: 10,200 BTU; 3000W (x2) | feeds: 1-10. Invented in Sweden, made in Europe.

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Product Description

Tupike 2-Burner Portable Camping Stove
Tupike 2-Burner Portable Camping Stove

Tupike 2-Burner Portable Camping Stove

Swedish outdoor cooking since 1892

From a woodland forage to a beachside BBQ, Primus camping stoves bring culinary delight to the outdoors. This elegant Swedish design-inspired, 2 burner stove is the choice of aspiring chefs who enjoy practicing their trade in the great outdoors. This gas stove has the capacity to cook five-star meals, but is light and compact to easily take anywhere.

– The foldable legs provide valuable additional table space while cooking, or opt for the lower ultra-stable option.

– Easily fire up either burner with the push button Piezo igniter.

– Included non-stick griddle plate grills, toasts, melts cheese, and is easy to clean.


  • WEIGHT: 9.5 lbs
  • SIZE: 18.7” x 11.6” x 3.2”
  • OUTPUT: 10,200 BTU; 3000W (x2)
  • FEEDS: 1-10 PEOPLE
  • Invented in Sweden, made in Europe.
Tupike 2-Burner Portable Camping Stove

Primus | Classic Trail Backpacking Stove

Primus | Classic Trail Backpacking Stove

Primus | Classic Trail Backpacking Stove

Swedish Design & Function

Primus has powered expeditions and fueled pioneers since 1892. Primus products are engineered in Sweden with an emphasis on technology, innovation and sustainability, resulting in reliable equipment that serves as life-long companions on any outdoor adventure.

Lifelong Companions

We develop products that are built to endure extreme conditions and durable enough to pass down for generations. Our products are designed to be serviced by their owners and we offer a wide range of replacement parts to keep you cooking.

Sustainable Solutions

We continually try to improve our products by integrating sustainable materials and processes into new and existing products. Additionally, Primus brand fuel and gas is CO2 neutral (and has been since 2013) – and is still the only climate-neutral camping fuel on the market.

Profile Propane Two Burner Gas Camping Stove and Grill

Additional information

Weight 6.6 lbs
Product Purpose

Overland Camp Cooking

Product Type

Portable Camping Stove


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