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Pro Breeze Oscillating Small Space Ceramic Heater – 1500W


  • Brand – Pro Breeze
  • Special Feature – Lightweight, Overheat Protection, Noiseless
  • Color – White + Oscillation
  • Product Dimensions – 5.06″D x 6.77″W x 10.79″H
  • Mounting Type – Tabletop Mount
  • Cost-Efficient Ceramic Technology: Engineered with advanced ceramic heating elements which provide faster and more efficient heating than traditional heaters. This electric heater runs at a cost of just $0.19 per hour – perfect for keeping you warm this winter.
  • 6 Operating Modes & Oscillation: Features 750W (low) and 1500W (high) power modes as well as fan-only mode. With the flick of a switch, this electric space heater will automatically rotate with a wide 70° coverage for room-wide warming. Simply turn oscillation off for a stationary heat stream.
  • Adjustable Thermostat: An easy-to-use fully adjustable thermostat is built into the mini heater to monitor the surrounding air temperature to ensure optimal heating and energy efficiency.
  • Advanced Safety: Built-in overheat protection and an enhanced tip-over switch ensures this indoor electric heater instantly switches off in any unsafe situation giving you complete peace of mind.
  • Ultra Portable: This compact space heater features a lightweight and stylish design and with a quiet noise level of 58 dBA, is perfect for home, office, bedroom and under-desk use. Dimensions: 6.77” x 5.06” x 10.79”. Power cord length: 70”.

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Product Description

Ceramic Space Heater

Space Heater

Pro Breeze

Pro Breeze – Home Appliances

World leader in domestic appliances, space heaters, air purifiers and dehumidifiers. Internationally renowned for developing exceptional value, market leading products.

  • Over 500,000 Customers
  • Specialists in Heating and Cooling
  • Premium Quality Assured

Pro Breeze 1500W Mini Ceramic Space Heater

with Automatic Oscillation, 6 Operation Modes

This Pro Breeze 1500W Mini Ceramic Heater utilises advanced ceramic heating discs for ultra-warm heat transfer in small spaces. Ceramic heating is the latest technology in mini heaters and provides a faster, safer and more energy efficient method of heating than traditional fan heaters. At the flick of a switch, the ceramic fan heater will rotate from side to side to quickly warm a wide area. Perfect for use in your personal space – on or under desks, next to your bed, at home or in the office.

  • 6 Operation Modes
  • 70° Oscillation or Stationary Heat Stream
  • 750 (Low) and 1500W (High) Power Modes
  • Built-in Thermostat
  • Advanced Overheat Protection
  • Tip-Over Auto Shut-Off Switch
  • Dimensions: 6.77” x 5.06” x 10.79”
Oscillating space heater

Tip over protection

portable heater indoors

Space Heater

Overheat and Tip-over Protection:

Built-in overheat protection and an advanced anti-tip-over switch ensures the heater instantly switches off in unsafe conditions for total peace of mind.

6 Operation Modes:

Choose between High (1500W) and Low (750W) heat settings or fan only mode for full temperature control in both stationary and oscillating modes.

Lightweight and Portable:

Lightweight, portable and with a stylish design, this Pro Breeze ceramic heater is ideal for homes, offices, kitchens and under desk use.

High Power

Additional information

Product Type

Ceramic Heater


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