The Falcon Pro is a revolution in Overlanding tents. It takes everything we learned from making the industry’s leading overland tent (the Falcon) and supercharges it for adventure, comfort, and convenience. The tent opens like a clamshell but with a twist of our innovative “U-bar” system, it expands to create more space, bigger windows, more weather protection, and even a skylight. The stamped, 6-series aluminum hard top is impervious to mother nature and provides room to store bedding inside the tent while still keeping the tent only 8″ tall when closed.

The double accessory channel system in the bottom shell allows the installation of accessories attaching via M8 bolts which can be slotted into each channel (up to 75 lbs per side of the tent). Our versatile Falcon Pro crossbar system is included with every tent and allows you to mount accessories using M8 bolts which can be slotted into each crossbar (2 on top and bottom and 1 on front and back) so you can mount anything and everything (up to 150 lbs with the tent closed and 75 lbs with the tent open).

Inside the tent are two USB-powered LED strips, a Gear Grid with six pockets including one clear one for movie viewing, eight additional pockets near the front door, and a 2.5-inch true memory foam mattress which is a dream to sleep on.