Our Falcon tent has proven to be our most popular and bestselling rooftop tent. We’ve used what we’ve learned from nearly 3 years of manufacturing and selling this tent to refine the features that made it our most versatile rooftop tent.

The Falcon 2 features a lower profile and reduced condensation, achieved through a sandwich construction consisting of two sheets of aluminum with an insulating foam layer in between. This bottom shell is the same honeycomb aluminum as before, and it now has two accessory channels that distribute loads better to accommodate up to 75 lbs of gear (axes, lights, shovels, etc.). The tent material is an upgraded 320g poly-cotton canvas with a blackout coating on the inside that makes for the perfect sleeping cave. A removable awning provides weather protection at all three entrances while still allowing for enjoying the view. The 2″ thick true memory foam mattress might just make the Falcon 2 more comfortable than your bed at home!

We worked hard to ensure that the new Falcon would have all the features you loved about the original model, without sacrificing any of its energy efficiency or compactness. At just 6.5 inches tall when closed, you’ll be sure to remain energy-efficient and compact while on the road. Adding an optional set of crossbars to the top allows you to bring your bikes, boards, kayaks, or whatever your adventures require.