The Summit Suite, our leading rooftop tent, is a tent of exceptional qualities, including a set up time of less than one minute and the capability to carry an extra 175 pounds during travel. The Summit Suite’s profile is only 6.3” and can be mounted on either the upper or lower part of your vehicle through its 360 degree upper and lower mounting channels. With added accessories like bikes, lightweight water-crafts, storage bins, or tools, you can enjoy outdoor trips with more comfort. This tent comes equipped with everything you need to use it right away, but if you want to outfit your tent all at once or upgrade over time with additional accessories, it is excellent for those with a desire for the extraordinary. The Summit Suite allows you to go farther, carry more and still sleep soundly.

It features new levered latches and a narrower width, making it more suitable for mounting on midsize SUVs and cars. It also has 6 additional interior pockets. The upgraded mounting hardware lets you safely take the tent on all types of terrain.

The Summit Suite 2.0 has a LED light strip, powered by an included battery pack. The light strip can be set up easily by plugging it into your favourite USB-compatible battery pack and tucking the battery pack into a storage pocket.