Snow Peak Ozen Solo Table Camping Table

Snow Peak Ozen Solo Table Camping Table


Product Dimensions 4.72″D x 12.28″W x 1.81″H
Color Mulch
Shape Rectangular
Brand Snow Peak
Special Feature Lightweight

  • Elevate: Use this table to keep food off the ground or as a small cooking surface
  • Easy Storage: This table folds down flat and easily fits in a standard pack
  • Made Of Aluminum: This table is lightweight enough to carry around and enjoy family camping
  • Outdoor Dining Bliss: Enjoy the outdoors with our products’ minimalism and elegance
  • Snow Peak: Our backpacking and camping products are made using a historic manufacturing process

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Compact, lightweight and durable backpacking table. The Ozen Solo Table is a rugged aluminum table designed to keep your items out of the dirt. Material: Aluminum alloy top, Stainless steel legs Weight: 9.5 oz (270g) Dimensions: L11.7 W 8.3 H 3.3 in (297 x 210 x 85mm) Contents Include: Top Plates (2), Legs (2), Carrying case Size Stowed: 11.7″ x 4.2″ x 1 in (297 x 120 x 25mm) 11 inches by 8 inches of surface area Wire legs Compact storage Locks fuel canister in place Space for dining

From the manufacturer


Snow Peak’s Ozen Solo Table, SLV-171, Aluminium

Cutting down on weight doesn’t mean you have to go without the amenities of home on your Ultra-light hiking trip Easy to setup and sturdy table will add just a little more comfort to you meal time


Lightweight for Backpacking, Designed in Japan, Lifetime Product

Snow Peak products meet top engineering standards to ensure durability in challenging outdoor conditions. If a product doesn’t function properly, contact User Services and we will repair or exchange for free if it fails to meet standard


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