Suncreat 2-in-1 Convertible Portable Double Hammock with Stand

Suncreat 2-in-1 Convertible Portable Double Hammock with Stand


  • Material – Poly-cotton Fabric, Poly-cotton Ropes, Steel Stand
  • Color – A-dark Grey
  • Brand – SUNCREAT
  • Product Dimensions – 128.7″L x 41.7″W
  • Maximum Weight – Recommendation 475 Pounds
  • Patent Pending Double Enjoyment by Simple Adjustment: SUNCREAT 2-in-1 hammock stand could be adjusted to a hammock chair stand by 2 steps. You will receive 1 double hammock bed, 1 hammock chair, and 1 convertible stand which can be adjusted to a hammock stand or hammock chair stand. You could enjoy the double hammock with family or have fun on the hammock chair by your choice.
  • Upgraded Fabric (When Use with Hammock): SUNCREAT Brazilian Camping hammock is made of eco-friendly thicker version poly-cotton fabric (no lint, no odor, no pilling, no fading, skin-friendly, and breathable), stronger and much more durable than ordinary fabric hammocks. A comfortable cocoon style hammock can keep you safe while enjoying peaceful leisure time. You can even set your preferred height by hooking rope loop to the hook at suitable position on the stand.
  • Handcrafted Ropes (When Use with Hammock): The metal rope thimble is effective for preventing the long-term friction between the hook and ropes, prolonging the service life of the hammock. The 18 ropes at both ends of the hammock are made of poly-cotton, tightly braided and fixed, which greatly increase the load bearing capacity.
  • Extra Large Hammock Chair (When Use with Hammock Chair): The swing hammock chair is made of high-grade poly-cotton fabric – comfortable, durable, and no strange odor. The upgraded fabric size is 59 x 47 inches. It is huge enough, unlike other small chairs– which you could only sit on. This hanging hammock chair will let you lie down and enjoy the fully relaxation.
  • Heavy Duty Double Hammock (When Use with Hammock): The total length (from loop to loop) of the heavy duty hammock is 144 Inches while the bed size is 98” long X 59” wide, making it perfect for couples.


Product Description

hammock stand heavy duty
suncreat hammock

If the hammock bed is sinking badly, what can I do?

Please check whether the crossbar of the stand is fully stretched in hammock mode. And there is a chain on each side of the hammock, it can be adjusted by changing the hooking chain section.


Does the installation require additional tools?

The assembly is straightforward, and no tool is required.


What’s in the package?

A gray hammock chair, a big hammock and a stand. It is worth mentioning that the stand can be adjusted from hammock stand to hammock chair stand in minutes to fit both.




double hammocks 2 person heavy duty

Rope Hammock Combo



hammock holder

Portable Hammock with Stand



heavy duty hammock stand

Curved Hammock with Stand


Easy to Clean:

The quilted pad is detachable for easy cleaning.

Portable Hammock:

The spreader bars could be knocked down for easy storage.

Curved Spreader Bar:

It’ll give you a comfy nap without fearing to flop down.

Magazine Bag & Bottle Holder:

All accessories are included for a lazy afternoon.

More Stable Stand:

Triangle structure makes the stand more sturdy. No worry for flipping over.

Large Fluffy Pillow:

You may enjoy a relaxing swing on the hammock with family.

Additional information

Weight 475 lbs
Product Type

Hammock with Stand


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