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TT-5001 Recovery Kit

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Tackle Tuff Apparel & Accessories

In addition to our world-class quality off-road recovery products, Tackle Tuff produces a line of activewear and accessory products to elevate your outdoor lifestyle. Our apparel products include:

  • 100% Pima Cotton Polo Shirts
  • 100% Interlock Cotton Pullovers
  • Attractive & UV Protective Logo Baseball Caps

Tackle Tuff Premium Off-Road Recovery Kit


Tackle tuff’s premium off-road recovery kit is designed to get you out of a tough spot. Mud, dirt, rocks, sand, Tackle Tuff Recovery Kits stand up to the greatest challenges. If you’re looking for security when going off-road, Tackle Tuff is the brand you trust to bring you home.

  • Premium Snatch Block
  • 2 Premium Shackles
  • Premium Recovery Strap
  • Tree Saver Strap
  • Kevlar Reinforced Work Gloves
  • A Carrying Case designed to be used as Line Dampener

Other Tackle Tuff Products

Snatch Block



Snatch Blocks

Tackle Tuff Snatch Blocks are rugged, dependable, and offer peace of mind, knowing, Tackle Tuff is there for you in a vehicle recovery situation. Tackle Tuff Snatch Blocks are designed to increase load efficiency.


Tackle Tuff Shackles are engineered to withstand heavy loads and endure grueling stresses. That’s why Tackle Tuff has over-engineered our shackles. Tackle Tuff never quits on you.

Recovery Straps

Tackle Tuff recovery straps are an essential tool when getting your vehicle unstuck or around an obstacle, our supremely reliable recovery strap delivers the capacity to get you free. Never get caught in the mud without one of our handy straps.

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Rugged Dependability With Elegance

Tackle Tuff manufactures all of our off-road recovery and rescue products to the highest quality standards in the industry. Our ISO-9001 recognized facilities use the latest in computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing techniques to always develop, produce, and ship the most rugged, durable, and stylish products on the market today.

Tackle Tuff also believes that form is just as important as function. All of our products are designed with a detailed eye toward aesthetics and style. You won’t just need Tackle Tuff Recovery Products, you’ll also want them.