TeraFlex 1184220 Small ARB Compressor Mount

TeraFlex 1184220 Small ARB Compressor Mount


Brand Teraflex
Item Weight 1 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH 9.5 x 4.75 x 3.4 inches

  • Offers a Perfect Parts Solution
  • Includes Steel Bungs, Plugs, and Flanges
  • Manufactured with Durable Steel Materials
  • Includes 43 Individual Parts
  • Offers a Convenient Carry Case

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Walker Products WPA-105 Bung Kit includes steel bungs, plugs and flanges. It is the perfect kit to have on hand when a high performance, custom or repair job is required. This handy kit will save time for any installer. The Kit includes the following parts: Two 38-44mm Flanges Part Number 85-417, Two 44-54mm Flanges Part Number 85-418, Five 18mm Steel Bungs Part Number 90-164, Five 18mm Stepped Steel Bungs Part Number 90-184, Five 18mm Plug Steel Bungs Part Number 90-185, Five 10mm Stepped Steel Bung Part Number 90-186,Five 12mm Stepped Steel Bung Part Number 90-187, Five 18mm Angled Steel Bungs Part Number 90-190, Five 18mm (1”) Steel Bungs Part Number 90-195, Two 44-54mm Gasket Flanges Part Number 165-197, Two 38-44mm Gasket Flanges Part Number 165-202. Walker Products specializes in the engineering, manufacturing, and distribution of automotive engine management components. Walker is committed to meeting or exceeding the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or equivalent standards and specifications. This effort is backed by Walkers own manufacturing, product management and engineering expertise.

From the manufacturer

About Us

TeraFlex manufactures components for the Jeep Wrangler including suspension systems and performance shocks, heavy-duty axles and low-range gearing, body armor, and more. With our roots dating back to the 1950s beginning as MEPCO, a distributor of Jeep parts and accessories, we have gained a vast knowledge of the various CJ/Wrangler platforms. In the fall of 1996, TeraFlex began manufacturing parts in-house to fulfill the need for heavy-duty off-road suspension pieces and equipment for the TJ Wrangler. Our experience and knowledge has allowed us to create the unique and innovative parts and accessories .


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