The Tinkle Belle Portable Female Urination Device


  • USE IT FULLY CLOTHED No need to bare all of your assets! The Tinkle Belle is specifically designed with a hard shell portion so that you can use it with all of your clothing without it collapsing! It doesn’t overflow or collapse like silicone funnels. Just insert it into a fly or move clothing down in front, point the spout down, and you are good to GO!
  • NO NEED FOR TOILET PAPER Yes, we know when you are out and about that you may not have extra tissues or wipes with you. No problem! The Tinkle Belle is designed with a soft wiping “squeegee” lip so that you can remove any remaining drops. No wet clothing for The Tinkle Belle!
  • COMPACT & FOLDABLE The Tinkle Belle is LONG when unfolded and being used, but compact when you are out and about! We know that #sizematters .This longer spout allows you to pee further away from your body. No more peeing on your feet and clothes! You can now have a longest pee distance contest! When you’re done being victorious, you can fold it in half to make it compact and be a discreet champion!
  • DESIGNED WITH YOUR SHAPE IN MIND-The Tinkle Belle is engineered and designed to be anatomically shaped to fit you! Pee in confidence without leaks or overflow. The anatomical shape allows for the correct seal against your body and our built-in thumb-rests assure proper placement. Aim with precision!
  • PORTABLE AND EASY TO CARRY-The Tinkle Belle is lightweight and easy to carry with the included case! You can carry it to any outdoor activity, hiking, airplane travel, road trips, camping, festivals, concerts, dirty restrooms and more! Carry one in your glove box, in your purse, or clipped to your backpack! You will find the convenience of The Tinkle Belle necessary for wherever you go!

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Product Description

How to use The Tinkle Belle- simple and easy!

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Simple steps to use your Tinkle Belle

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart
  • Place The Tinkle Belle through your clothing and place it so the widest part of the hard shell portion is under your urethra.
  • Point the spout down, look down, rock your rear back, relax and #letpeedomring!
  • After you are done, keep the spout pointed down, and use firm pressure to utilize the top edge as a wiping edge against your body for any remaining drips.
  • Shake dry or rinse with water if available. Wash at home with hot water and soap.
The Tinkle Belle is easy to use
So many places you can use The Tinkle Belle!
the tinkle belle helps you on any activity

Important information

Legal Disclaimer

Not for internal use. This product does not protect users against bacteria, viruses or other disease organisms. Always clean and wash this product thoroughly before and after each use.

Additional information

Product Purpose

Overland Utility & Survival

Product Type

Portable Female Urination Device



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