Product Description


14 Liter 12v Personal Cooler/warmer

Example Uses For Warming and Cooling Functions

One of the best features of this 14 liter personal cooler/warmer is that it can warm or cool items. Use it to take excess food home from the restaurant, or bringing your breakfast to the office in the morning. Use the cooling mode to keep snacks and drinks cool during road trips, or keeping chilled and perishable groceries cool on the drive home from the grocery store.

Additional Uses

Besides families who go on road trips and people who spend a lot of time in their vehicle, this 12v cooler/warmer is also useful for anyone who needs to keep certain medicines cool, or new mothers who need to nourish their babies and young children.


  • Cooling capacity: up to 36°F (20°C) below room temperature
  • Heats up to 140°F (60°C)
  • 6 ft. Detachable DC cord length
  • Operates on 12v DC power (use in your vehicle)
  • 2 external cupholders
  • Nylon carrying strap included
  • Optional AC power adapter (sold separately) for additional use at home, office or dorm




Perfect for Road trips

Wagan Tech’s 14 liter personal 12v cooler/warmer is a great way to keep food and drinks either cool or warm and easily accessible during road trips. Plus it only occupies a minimal amount of space in your vehicle.

Slim and Stable

Intentionally designed to be short and wide, the cooler/warmer is exceptionally stable yet loses no storage capacity.

Fits Anywhere In Your Vehicle

Place this 12v cooler/warmer in the front seat, back seat, on the floor next to the console, in the trunk, etc. Just make sure the unit is securely plugged into your vehicle’s 12v outlet.


*Cooling range is dependent on the ambient temperature when the unit is plugged into a power source. Once it is unplugged, the internal temperature will eventually acclimate to the ambient temperature. **Optional AC adapter for use in your home, office, or the dorms. (Sold separately.)




Heating and Cooling Functions

Depending on your preference and what has been added into the cooler/warmer, simply slide the switch to select either the cooling or warming function. Take food to a potluck and keep it warm as you drive to the party, or keep groceries cool on your way back from the grocery store.

Large Internal Capacity

Large bottles, such as 2 liter soda bottles and wine bottles, can fit inside this 12v cooler/warmer. It can also fit 12 soda cans.

Convenient Carrying Strap

Included is an adjustable nylon carrying strap, so it can be easily transported to and from your vehicle. The strap makes it more convenient to carry the unit from your home to your vehicle to office to grocery store, etc.