Wagan EL7507 iOnBoost 12V Portable Lithium Car Battery Jump Starter


  • Brand – Wagan
  • Battery Cell Composition – Lithium Ion
  • Voltage – 12 Volts
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH – 6.9 x 3.3 x 1.3 inches
  • Vehicle Service Type – Passenger Car
  • Jump Start Dead Batteries – 1000 peak-amp portable lithium car battery jump starter pack – and rated for gasoline engines up to 6 liters V8 and diesel engines up to 4. 5 liters. Safely jump-start a car battery in seconds with this compact, yet powerful
  • Safe and easy – Use a car battery jump starter pack without the worry of incorrect connections or sparks. Safely connect to any 12V automotive car battery with potection against over-voltage, over-charge, short circuit, and reverse polarity
  • Multi-Function – It’s a car jump starter, portable power bank, and LED flashlight. It has QC3. 0 and 5V 2. 0A ports to recharge smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices.
  • Advanced Design and Features – Featuring high-discharge lithium technology for safe operation in any climate from -4F to 176F. And, an ultra-compact and lightweight design weighing just less than 1 pound.
  • What is included: Jump starter V8 torque, smart jumper cables, storage case, USB-C charging cable and manual

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Product Description


iOnBoost V10 TORQUE

Battery won’t start your car? Wagan iOnBoost V10 TORQUE provides you with 1,000 peak amps of boosting power to get you back up and running – and it’s small enough to fit in your glovebox!


The 4S Lithium ion battery is able to charge your electronics with QC 3.0 and 2A USB Power Ports. With the included 12V DC Socket, you can charge and power other devices such as: Smartphone, Walkie-Talkie, Ham Radio, Fan, Lights, and more.


  • Battery type: Lithium-ion (LiCo02)
  • Battery Configuration: (4S) 14.8V
  • 1,000 peak amps/500 cranking amps
  • Safety features
  • 2 USB ports (including one QuickCharge 3.0)
  • DC accessory outlet
  • LED flashlight with 3 modes
  • Certifications: CE, RoHS, FCC and UL CU72212592 0001







Safe to Use

Extensive research and safety features have gone into making the iOnBoost V10 TORQUE safe to use for both yourself and your vehicle. Protection against Reverse Polarity, Short Circuit, Overload, and Over Charge are all at work, protecting against electrical danger.

4S Lithium Ion Battery

The iOnBoost V10 TORQUE is powered by a (4S) 14.8V Lithium-ion (LiCo02) battery that has been rigorously tested for safety, stability, and performance. The 1,000 peak/500 cranking amps can start 7.8L V10 or 6.7L Diesel engines – multiple times on a single charge!

SMART Cables

Not mechanically inclined? The iOnBoost V10 TORQUE is equipped with SMART jumper cables to make the jumpstarting process easy and safe – troubleshooting your connections and alerting you with lights and sounds until a proper connection is obtained.




Power Bank

With its dual USB ports (including one Quick Charge 3.0), the iOnBoost V10 TORQUE also serves as a powerful battery bank and phone recharger. Recharge any USB powered device when you’re away from an outlet.


The iOnBoost V10 TORQUE has a built-in LED flashlight for emergencies and connecting the jumper cables at night. It has three modes: solid, flashing, and SOS.

DC Output

There is also a 12V DC outlet for recharging laptops and powering automotive accessories. It includes an attachable DC socket.


Greater Boosting Power!

Don’t have yourself or loved ones stranded in a dark parking lot waiting for help. The iOnBoost V10 TORQUE is safe and easy to use – and it is safe for all engines V10 and smaller! Great for cars, trucks, RV’s, boats, and motorcycles.

The 4S lithium battery packs all that power in this tiny device. Also, it doubles as a portable battery pack for phones and electronics – including a DC port for laptops!

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Portable Lithium Car Battery Jump Starter



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