WARN 93195 Epic Multi-Purpose Snatch Block – 18,000 Lbs. Capacity


  • Able to accept both wire and synthetic rope
  • Helps reduce heat buildup and amp draw during recovery
  • Double pulling power of any winch
  • Change pulling direction without damaging rope
  • 18, 000 lb. capacity

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Designed to help off roaders get the most out of their WARN winch, withstand the elements and look great, the newly available WARN Epic Winching Accessories take optimal performance to another level. Featuring a Warn-exclusive 12-stage coating process; utilizing e-coat and powder coatings, these market leading accessories deliver visual appeal, improved impact-resistance and a longer wear cycle than standard winch accessories.

From the manufacturer

About WARN Industries

Headquartered in Clackamas Oregon, WARN Industries designs, manufactures and markets a full line of off-road equipment and accessories that enhance the performance of four-wheel-drive vehicles, ATV’s and utility vehicles. In addition, the company’s Industrial Division markets electric and hydraulic winches and hoists to commercial, industrial and severe duty customers around the world. The company also has a line of utility winches and hoists that are specifically designed for professional trade workers and do-it-yourself consumers who need powerful tools to assist them in pulling, hauling, dragging or lifting. With customers in more than 65 countries on six continents, WARN is one of the world’s most recognized brands in vehicle performance enhancing equipment.

WARN Industries Epic Series winching and recovery accessories

Built tough enough to live up to the WARN name

WARN Industries has consistantly made a name for themselves, engineering some of the best off roading equipment available, and they have done it again with their Epic Series of winching accessories. Designed to complement the look of WARN winches, each top of the line Epic accessory is carefully crafted to hold up under difficult winching situations. A multi-layered E-coat protects forged steel components from both corrosion and abrasion, and all of the Epic series accessories come in a wide range of sizes to be compatible with any size winch or rigging gear you may already have. When you need the very best recovery equipment on the Planet, WARN Industries has you covered.

WARN Epic Series

Epic Winch Hook

Forged from steel, the rugged WARN Epic Winch Hook not only holds strong, but it also stands up to wear and abrasion thanks to its patented E-coat finish. Its unique design even features a built in beverage opener. Available in three sizes: For winches with capacities up to 5, 10, or 18,000 pounds.

Epic Snatch Block

Armed with a durable, corrosion resistant E-coat finish, the Epic Snatch Block helps off-roaders get more out of their winches. Under proper use, this multi-purpose snatch block can effectively double the pulling power of any winch or change its pulling direction, without damaging the rope. It also helps to reduce heat buildup and amp draw during recovery. Accepts both wire and synthetic winch rope. Buyers can choose from units rated to handle up to 5, 12, or 18,000 pounds.

Epic Tree Trunk Protector

WARN designed the Epic Tree Trunk Protector rigging strap to anchor a winch rope to a tree, and then protect the trunk from damage during winching operations. What sets the Epic Tree Trunk Protector apart is the premium nylon strap with encased red warning markets to indicate damaged webbing, plus the end loops reinforced with E-coated ring connectors to minimize wear and abrasion. Three sizes available: 4 inch x 8 foot rated to 30,000 pounds.; 2 inch x 8 foot rated to 14,400 pounds.; and 1 inch x 8 foot rated to 7,200 pounds.

Epic Shackle

The double tough, forged steel WARN Epic Shackle lets users connect the looped ends of cables, straps, and snatch blocks. The threaded pin allows easy removal. Abrasion resistant E-coat finish means this shackle will stand up to wear for the long run. Available in two sizes: for winches with capacities up to 18,000 pounds., or a smaller size up to 5,000 pound capacity winches.

Other winching accessories available from WARN

Winching Gloves

Warn Winching Gloves provide superior fit and protection. These gloves are designed to help protect your hands from the sharp barbs and abrasion that may occur when handling rope. Recommended equipment when working with winch rope.

WARN Recovery Strap

Use the WARN Premium Recovery Strap to snatch or pull out a stuck vehicle. Nylon webbing absorbs the shock of heavy pulls, while the elastic rebound energy aids in quick recovery. Constructed of tough, high quality nylon webbing and an encased red warning marker to indicate damaged webbing. Available in 4 different lengths and strengths.

WARN Recovery Kit and Epic Backpack

Get a wide array of WARN’s best Epic Recovery Tools all in one convenient, easy to carry Epic Backpack made completely of ballistic, water-resistant material for outstanding durability and reliability.

Additional information

Product Purpose

Overland Recovery

Product Type

Multi-Purpose Snatch Block



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