Wazoo Survival Bracelet – 7.5″

Wazoo Survival Bracelet – 7.5″


  • 16 Different Survival Tools
  • Contains the tools for Navigation, Fire Starting, Auditory/Visual Signaling, Daytime/Night Time Signaling, Cutting, Fishing, Snaring, Gear Repair, and lots more!
  • Immediately Accessible Tools: Liquid-Filled Compass, Ceramic SERE Razor Blade/Scraper, Fire Starter Buckle, Whistle, Ranger Bands, F.A.T.(First Aid Tinder) Packets, Signal Mirror, Retro-Reflector, Glow Light
  • Carefully Read “How to Measure Your Wrist” Guide Image and Choose The Size Just Above Exact Wrist Circumference.
  • Paracord, Surgical Tubing, Fishing Line, Hooks, Safety Pins, Split Shot Weights, Straw

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This Wearable Survival Kit was designed to provide a variety of reliable, multi-functional tools in a low profile form. Priority and quick accessibility is given to the higher survival priorities like fire to prevent hypothermia, first aid for injuries, a compass for orientation, and signals for rescue. It also equips the wearer with the means for food, shelter, gear repair, and more. Expertly crafted in the USA!

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Product Purpose

Overland Utility & Survival

Product Type

Survival Bracelet


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