The Mountaineer is our best-selling, newly redesigned roof-top tent with double walls. To create the most durable tent, both shells have been constructed with honeycomb aluminum and double-walled, T-slotted rails. All exterior hardware is crafted with heavy-duty stainless steel and hefty aluminum crossbars are included. At only 9 inches tall when closed, fuel efficiency is maximized. The 3-slot system allows for a 2.75-inch thick mattress and more room for mounting gear. Equipped in each Mountaineer is a solar charging system which includes: a 55w solar panel, 12 amp hour battery, Renogy charge controller with two 5V USB ports, and an LED light. This system will run perpetually with no maintenance.”

The Mountaineer is a four-season tent designed to withstand the most extreme of elements both on and off-road while providing the essentials of a good night’s sleep.